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No matter what catchphrase you use, help defense is founded on this principle: Seeing the ball, your man, and knowing your position on the court. When one of these concepts is lost, the help defense breaks down and leads to easy baskets for the offensive team.

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The ‘ball-you-man’ stance means that the defender is pointing one hand at their opponent and one hand at the basketball. They must be able to see both with their peripheral vision at all times. The position of a help defender will vary depending on where the basketball is on the court and where their direct opponent is on the court at that time.

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Some coaches call this the "pistols position" pretending that your index fingers are pistols, with one pistol pointing at the ball and the other pointing at your man. Some use the term "ball-you-man" to emphasize this point. Once the ball gets in the corner, all helpside defenders should have one foot on the helpside line (Diagram B).

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There are lots of advantages to man to man defense and why it's effective in a basketball game. Here are the reasons why man to man defense should be in your playbook: You always have a defensive player guarding the dribbler. You isolate the ball-handler to an area of the court. You can deny passing lanes and let the shot clock tick.

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Ball hander has the ball on the baseline. Defender is in a good stance, ready to work hard to stay in front of the ball handler. After the ball handler makes it to the other end, they will hand off to the next player, who will be facing the same defender. The third and final ball handler will take on the same defender.

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Man-to-man Defense: One-on-one guarding of opponents. Mid-court Line: The center line dividing the front from the back courts. Net: The corded mesh that hangs 15-18 inches from the basket's rim. Offense: The team in possession of the ball. Off the Dribble: Shooting the ball while advancing toward the basket.

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This is one of the best basketball ball handling drills for better ball handling.http://BallerBootCamp.com/sww -- Free Workouthttp://instagram.com/ballerboot...

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