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How To Hold A Cricket Bat Correctly – 4 Different Methods ...

Lay your cricket bat on the ground with the face of the bat pointing downwards, and the handle pointing directly towards you. Pick up the bat using the conventional V grip, which I outlined earlier in this post. Once your hands are in the V grip position, rotate your bottom hand so that it goes underneath the bat.

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In cricket, grip on bat enhances your batting technique. The wrong grip on bat can decrease the swing of the bat at a time of playing a shot. Each player has different types of grip in which they feel comfortable to hold a cricket bat. That’s an important factor you must feel comfortable while holding a bat. Once you find a perfect grip on bat automatically your batting skills will start improving.

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How To Hold a Cricket Bat Correctly | Batting Grip Technique ...

The outside edge of cricket bat is called outer edge and the inside of the cricket bat is called the inner edge. These are the basic fundamental structure of cricket bat. There are a lot of ways to hold a cricket bat. The most common two methods are “V” grip and “O” grip.

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For simplicities sake the easiest way to hold a bat correctly is to lie your bat face down on the ground and pick it up with both hands as though it were a small axe and you shouldn’t go to far wrong. Test Match Cricket - MCG. However, there is a definite recognised and 'correct' bat grip which is taught by the English Cricket Board (ECB). After picking up the bat ensure you have your fingers and thumb wrapped around the centre of the handle with your hands close together.

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Cricket Batsman Tips – Hands Together The best way to grip the bat is to place it on the ground with the handle pointing to one’s feet and the toe of the bat pointing away from the feet. Bend the elbows and lift the bat just below the waist towards the back leg. The bat should be. horizontal.

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Step 1, Lay the bat on the ground. A cricket bat has a flat side for striking the ball, and the back has a ridge, or spine, running down the middle. The spine should be facing up.Step 2, Make a 'V' shape defined by the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Hold your hands in front of you, palms down. Your fingers on both hands should be grouped together, but for your thumbs, which extend to the sides to form the 'V' shape. The 'V's should be upside down – i.e. open end towards the ground ...

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Hello Friends, In this Video you are going to see the easiest and the standard way to put a Grip on the handle of a cricket bat. Hope you like it.How to Put ...