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Most Popular Golf Betting Games and Side Bets

Wolf is one of the classic golf betting games for groups of four, but it gets a little complicated. Players rotate as the "Wolf." On each hole, the player designated as the Wolf has to choose whether to play one against three, or 2-vs.-2. If the Wolf chooses 2-vs.2, he gets to choose his partner.

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This side bet makes such an outcome all the more punishing as well as add a whole lot of extra uncertainty to the gameplay. In this side golf game, whoever has the first 3-putt gets the snake, and it stays with them through the round until someone else 3-putts, in which case, it gets passed over to them. This process of passing continues until the conclusion of the round where the latest person to be passed over the snake owes the rest of the players the agreed-upon bet amount.

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Lets take a look at the most popular golf side betting games. 1. Bingo Bango Bongo. When it comes to the best ways to spend your money, this betting game is the easiest. It makes it fun to play as you can easily follow the rules. In terms of how it works, it is a points oriented form of betting.

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Prop bets keep things real simple and easy, particularly if you've been enjoying some beverages on the course and can't be bothered with scorekeeping. It's the lazy man's golf betting game. Proposition bets, or 'prop bets' are simple side bets that usually don't effect the outcome of a match. You establish the bet, set the wager, and play it out.

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Wolf is a fantastic option for a group of four friends to play if they want to change up the way they gamble on the links. This one is slightly more complex, but follow along. Each hole, the players rotate as “the wolf.”. If you are the wolf on the first hole, you will also be the wolf on holes 5, 9, 13, and 17.

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This is a game of side bets, the specifics are up to the group and it can be played with any type of scoring where all the players are playing their own ball. How it works: The group first has to determine on all the side bets to track. Each player that achieves a side bet, gets one point.

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This is more of a side betting game that pairs along with some of the others on this list. 15. Let It Ride. If you’re more a gambler than a golfer, “Let it Ride” is one of the best golf betting games out there. This betting system is ideal for hardcore gamblers who are ready to win big (or lose big). Here’s how it works.

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Golf is fun. Golf with friends is great. ... the group plays a best ball format, with the winning side taking home the payday. St. James Roll: ... The smart way to bet $1,000 on the WGC-FedEx St ...