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Best Tennis Puns. 1. The retired tennis player didn’t make a great waiter because he kept saying “You Got Served!”. 2. The man with four hands is a great tennis player because of his four-hand. 3. Players at the local tennis club were unable to surf the web because there were problems with the server. 4.

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Funny Tennis Jokes And Puns. My wife said she’s leaving me because of my obsession with tennis – and I’m too old. I said, “I’m only 40 love.”

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9. Why should you never fall in love with a tennis player? To them, “Love” means nothing. 10. Where do ghosts play tennis? On a tennis corpse! 11.What did the tennis player say before playing with vanilla ice cream? “I’d like a soft serve, please!” 12. What do you serve but not eat? A tennis ball. 13. Why is tennis a noisy game?

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Funny Tennis Puns Don't be a deuce. I'm in love when I beat you You just got served It spin a long time Shots! Shots! Shots! on the baseline... You make quite the racquet Shank you! That felt like a backhanded compliment Orange and Apple are playing today which is no surprise since they are both ...

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Professional jokes about ball, raquet and tennis elbow that if said on Wimbledon will make you look rude and sound dirty. Some old tennis player jokes about love are among the best tennis jokes for adults. We have also tennis and golf jokes along with table tennis one liners.

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A tennis ball bounces into a bar. "You better serve me here, or I'm taking you to court!" I haven't lost a game of tennis in over a decade. I also haven't played a game of tennis in over a decade. My wife left her position as a Geologist to pursue her dream as a tennis coach...

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A big list of tennis jokes! 63 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond!

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Tennis Slogans. I play Tennis, What’s your superpower. You need balls to play Tennis. Education is important, Tennis is importanter. Baby got back hand. I can’t, I have Tennis. I play Tennis, Love means nothing to me. Yes I’m that player you rather not play against. Happiness is Shaped.