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Wolf is one of the betting games favored by golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez, who, in his book Chi Chi's Golf Games You Gotta Play, explains the order of play: "Wolf is a classic four-player game that creates a different team on every hole or a gutsy one-on-three situation. An order one through four is established on the first tee and will continue to roll over through the entire round.

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A classic betting game played in a foursome, Wolf is all about strategy. Before play starts, players must determine a permanent driving order. No honors here. If Player A tees off on hole 1, they will tee off on holes 5, 9, and 13. Likewise, if Player B tees off on hole 2, they will tee off on holes 6, 10, 14.

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One of the greatest golf games takes a lot of skill and guts and strategy, and it's called Wolf. The rules of Wolf This is a points-based, individual game you can play with three or four players.

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Whenever ‘Wolf’ is called, all bets are now doubled. If the wolf manages to beat the best score of the other 3 golfers, then he wins double points. But if any one of the other 3 golfers (The 3 Little Piggies) manages to beat the ‘Wolf’s’ score, then the Wolf pays double points.

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The game of Wolf is a very entertaining game where players test their confidence in their own games. The game has players alternating as the Wolf, where they’ll decide if they want to play all 3 of their opponents on the hole, or take on a teammate. There are greater rewards for going it alone, but a smaller chance of winning the hole.

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Wolf is a lesser-known game, but as well as adding an enjoyable extra dimension to a traditional fourball, it’s also a great way for players to build confidence under pressure. How to Play Wolf Flip a tee to see who is the wolf for the first hole.

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The player who tees off first is the wolf, and each hole the order rotates (i.e. if the order on #1 is 1,2,3,4 then the order on #2 is 4,1,2,3). The primary responsibility of the wolf is to select the teams for that hole.

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Wolf: Similar to defender, but featuring four players. The “Wolf” competes on each hole, either against the remaining three players (for a bigger potential payday) or by selecting another one ...