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19-, 21- and 23-inch racquets. These are all generally youth racquets for players age 8 and under. 23- and 25-inch racquets. These are generally best for the 9-10-year-old age group. 26-inch racquets. This is a great racquet for youngsters looking to make the transition to the 78-foot court. ADVERTISEMENT . 27 inches and up

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Deciding on a tennis racket Advanced to Intermediate Heavy weight (over 300g) 98 sq in. head size and below 22mm beam width and below Very head-light balance

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Selecting the Right Tennis Racket for Your Skill Level Beginner Tennis Players. Players first learning the game of tennis should start with a light racket featuring a larger... Intermediate Tennis Players. Intermediate players can start to reduce their head size and add a little more weight to... ...

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Four Steps to Determine Your Tennis Racket Grip Size Grip0.jpg. The bottom of your handle will list a number, typically 0 to 5. This number designates your grip size. Grip1.jpg. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn your racket on its side and grab the handle so your pointer finger... grip size ...

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Tennis racket head sizes are usually defined as follows: Midsize 85-96 square inches, Midplus 96-106 square inches, Oversize 10-115 square inches, Super oversize 116+ square inches A larger (oversize or super oversize) head size lets you generate more power and will have a larger sweet spot ie the area on the strings where you get the maximum response from the racket. These more forgiving tennis rackets are generally more suited to beginners.

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Two factors to consider when selecting a racquet are the length and head size. Adult tennis racquets range from about 27-29 inches in length, with 29 inches being the maximum allowed in competition. Longer racquets give you more power since the racquet provides more leverage to hit the ball.

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Racquets at, or close to, 100 square inches offer a solid blend of power and control for many players. Generally speaking, a smaller racquet head appeals to more accomplished players seeking more control, while larger racquets appeal to beginning and intermediate players seeking more power and a larger sweetspot.

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That is why I commonly recommend people with tennis elbow buy a heavy racquet. Lighter racquets (9 -11 oz) on the other hand are more maneuverable and have a higher swing speed than heavier racquets. If you’re shorter or lighter than most people, a lighter racquet may be your best choice of racquet.