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Width of Soccer Field Vs Football Field. The width of a soccer field compared to a football field is often where there is the biggest variation in size. As with the length, a football field has a set requirement that the width has to be. That width requirement is 160 feet/ 53 1 ⁄ 3 yards (48.8 m).

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The official FIFA rules call for a field between 100 and 130 yards long and 50 and100 yards wide for league play. These parameters are different, however, during international play: FIFA rules call for a field between 110 and 120 yards long and 70 and 80 yards wide. Soccer Field Markings

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FIFA soccer field dimensions. A FIFA soccer field is 110–120 yards (100–110 m) long by 70–80 yards (64–75 m) wide. FIFA soccer field dimensions are wider than the regulation American football field width of 53 1 ⁄ 3 yards (48.8 m) respectively, and are held in soccer stadiums.

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Soccer Field : Football Field: Width – yards: 50-100: 53.33: Length – yards: 100-130: 100 (120 apexes)

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Using the football field as a soccer field significantly limits the size of the soccer ...

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Soccer Field Dimensions (Adult) Soccer pitches are rectangular in size and the surface is made out of grass or artificial astroturf. FIFA states that the two touchlines forming the length of the pitch must be between 90 and 120 metres in length (100 - 130 yards). The two goal lines (where the goals are placed) form the width of the pitch and should be between 45 and 90 metres in length (50 - 100 yards).

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NCAA soccer field dimensions range from a width of 70-75 yards and 115-120 yards. Field Size for Soccer. How many yards is a soccer field? The soccer field length is usually 120 yards. How long is a soccer field in feet? A soccer field is usually 360 feet long. How wide is a soccer field? The width of a football field is usually from 65 to 80 yards. What are the FIFA dimensions for the soccer field size?

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American Football is turrble. — 140. . .250. March 30, 2014, 8:36am. Soccer field is 165 yards. — 68. . .22. April 7, 2014, 9:02am. Just like with most people that don't grow up with it and don't understand the rules, this is pretty objective. Just imagine if almost every country had football teams!